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  1. May 2016
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    1. florid

      In this case the word florid is not referring to flowers, but talks about the "complexion (or the color of a part of the body): Rosy or ruddy, flushed with red" (OED).

    2. arch

      Usually referring to, "women and children, and esp. of their facial expression: Slily saucy, pleasantly mischievous" (OED).

    3. abbeys

      An abbey is "A private residence, school, etc., formerly (part of) an abbey" (OED).

    4. Rumford

      A Rumford was a modern type of fireplace. It was a sign of wealth if someone could afford to update their fireplace to the fashionable style.

    5. niggardly

      "In a niggardly manner; parsimoniously, grudgingly, sparingly; unwilling to spend money." (OED).