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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Negro. Master Christian/I give you a thousand hearty Thanks for this ac-count of your Religion & Philosophy, which no doubt is the best and noblest of all others: Therefore if these be your Christian Principles, I am already a Dis-ciple, but I beseech you be in good earnest, and tell me the truth.

      The title of Sambo here changes from Slave to Negro. The change happens directly after the master enlightens Sambo on the ways of Christianity. This indicates a newly found freedom. The knowledge of Christianity has, to some degree, made both Sambo and the Master equals.Master's title would imply that nothing has changed, but this can be attributed to a change in the meaning of master. Now master takes on the role of teacher and invokes the religious inflection of imparting wisdom.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. superstitious ceremonies

      Its interesting that both translations use the word "superstitious" here. Something tells me the Spanish would have used "religious".

    2. Our savages also killed ,several of them, and took ten or twelve prisoners.

      This directly mirrors Squair's translation, however Asher uses the term "savages" whereas Squair uses the term "Indians" to describe the natives. To me this indicates a narrative bias in the translations. Squair seems to recognize the natives as a peoples with culture and traditions much like his own people. Asher, on the hand, seems to dehumanize the natives as simply savages.