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  1. Apr 2016
    1. Suddenly, everywhere we are afflicted with aggressive females on television talk shows yapping about how mistreated American women are, suggesting that marriage has put us in some kind of “slavery,” that housework is menial and degrading, and—perish the though—that women are discriminated against. New “women’s liberation” organizations are popping up, agitating and demonstrating, serving demands on public officials, getting wide press coverage always, and purporting to speak for some 100,000,000 American women.

      Many people regard women who work in the house taking care of children and the like as somehow lesser than women who work outside of the home. This is a result of the breakdown of the american family unit. It is crucial to understand the importance of raising our children to be good citizens. Therefore, child rearing takes a lot of effort, and women have the stereotype of being the nurturing, loving ones. However, some women show no desire to be a housewife and that is also perfectly acceptable given the necessary precautions are taken by BOTH the husband and wife to ensure their children are properly cared for if they have any. It is important to remember that a housewife is equally important as a breadwinner in their particular situation. Our society must rediscover the astronomical importance of teaching our children proper behavior or risk further damage to our society.