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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Our design is, therefore, to transfer the entire body of our forces, and this house of sainte Marie, to the Island of St. Joseph, which will be at once the center of our missions, and the bulwark of these countries. We have need more than ever of the prayers of France. Whatever may befall us, we carry with joy our souls in our hands, and our death will be our desire,—provided that our lives be spent only for the maintenance of the Faith and the glory of God in all these regions.

      After everything that happened to these people, their faith remained strong.

    2. ATHER Jean de Brebeuf had been chosen by God to be the first Apostle of the Hurons, the first of our Society who set foot there,—and who, not having found there a single Savage who invoked the name of God, labored there so successfully for the salvation of those poor Barbarians that before his death he had the consolation of seeing nearly seven thousand baptized there, and the Cross of Jesus Christ planted [59] everywhere with glory, and adored in a country which, from the birth of the world, had never been Christian

      That is quite the accomplishment.

    1. Here is another of their fables, of like tissue.

      The Jesuits are so quick to dismiss any beliefs that are not their own.

    2. Nevertheless, her fall happened to be more favorable than she had supposed; for she fell down into the waters without being hurt, although she was with child,—after which, the Waters having dried up little by little, the earth appeared and became habitable

      The first mother who was pregnant with a child sounds similar to another religious story.

    3. neophytes

      "A new convert to a religion."

    1. He is giving them one final memory here in the Forum

      I had never heard of this man in my life before this class, and this still gave me goosebumps.

    2. donnybrook

      I had to look this term up; basically means "a brawl" broke out, which makes sense, I had just never heard it before.

    3. Neither play elicited a penalty call from the referees.

      That would be incredibly frustrating.

    1. The president really worked for the six owners

      I did not know there were only six NHL teams in 1955.

  2. Mar 2019