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  1. Mar 2024
    1. As soon as he was born, he cried not as other babes use to do, Miez, miez, miez, miez, but with a high, sturdy, and big voice

      Showing the parallel between him and other babies of his age, he describes that he did not shout "Miez, Miez, Miez, Miez", which translates to "no, no, no, no" in old germanic dialects like the other children. But instead, in a polar opposite manor, yelled "high, sturdy and big voice" shouted drink, drink, drink. Showing from an early age leadership, confidence, and "greatness".

    2. But the mischief was this, that, for all men could do, there was no possibility to keep them long in that relish; for in a very short while they would have stunk, which had been an undecent thing.

      Going back to the previous sentence, we see that the word tripe means either part of the stomach of an animal (mainly sheep and oxen) one eats or "rubbish" as used in slang, foreword that the men the author is describing, consistently indulging in said tripes (as shown in "licked his fingers" and "mischief") the men would have stunk physically from organs and trash and metaphorically, due to overindulgence and indecency.

    1. Purity

      In many sources, Purity is said to be called Cleanness. Pearl, Patience and Purity differ from SGGK because the characters are "derived from a place of foolishness", along with the fact that the readers are supposed to understand past the main character's and "laugh" at their stupidity. Meaning that rather than the reader learn from it, they not replicate it.

    2. honor

      Honor is defined as "Great respect, esteem, or reverence received, gained, or enjoyed by a person or thing; glory, renown, fame; reputation, good name". Honor is one of the main themes within SGGK, from the way Sir Gawain protects King Author's honor by taking his place in the beheading game to keeping this promise to be back to the Green Knight in a year and a day.

  2. Feb 2024
    1. steadfastly bent

      According to Merriam-Webster, steadfastly, means in a resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering manner. Meaning in this case, steadfastly bent is strongly motivated towards a certain topic. A synonym may be "hell-bent" meaning determined to achieve something at all costs. And within the context of the text, the narrator is describing the determination from Krishna's point of view of the other characters and the bloodshed.

    2. typify moral quandaries we might encounter

      Bhagavad Gita contains a plot and story that seems so far removed from what re could encounter in our everyday life but the lesson or moral could actually reflect many situations we do experience.

      Krishna's role is also reflected in our lives as well. Of course none of us are gods disguised as mortals (that I know of) but he is fighting for a last attempt of piece and to avoid bloodshed within the conflict, which many of us do in our daily lives, normally and hopefully only within arguments.