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  1. Jul 2016
  2. Mar 2016
  3. Sep 2015
    1. at


    2. under-lined

      Again, recommend bolding.

    3. kuna

      Should be bold, not underlined, following style guide.

    4. s


    5. of


    6. Adelaar withMuysken

      Adelaar & Muysken?

    7. 4


    8. 6


    9. 5


    10. S


    11. also in Pachitea inHuanuco.

      Recommend this sentence be rewritten for clarity.

    12. jtacc

      Uncommon; recommend the author not abbreviate this.

    13. 1Singular

      Either: 1SG or First singular. Recommend 1SG

    14. proto Quechua


    15. QII

      This has not been given in small caps; more consistent with the usual presentation of abbreviations & typographically nicer

    16. Both dialects, he writes, use-pa:kuand-:rito indicate the plural; both use-shpain place of-rto form same-subjectsubordinate clauses; and both use-tamuto indicate completed action; the twodialects, further, are alike in using unusual locative and ablative case-marking.

      The author is overusing semicolons. These clauses should be better divided into individual sentences.

    17. sp

      The use of these abbreviations is confusing to the reader; there are so many dialects and their full names make the text more accessible.

    18. does


    19. n


    20. And


    21. “qii”

      Inconsistent use of quotation marks. Don't believe they're appropriate here.

    22. This spacing is very large. "1987:\ 247" will give much nicer spacing here in LaTeX.

    23. ;


    24. qi

      Again, question this use of small caps.

    25. doesn’t

      Uncontracted: does not

    26. of


    27. P

      Lower case p

    28. S

      lower-case s

    29. syq

      From style guide: "language names should not normally be abbreviated." I disagree with the use of small caps here and throughout for abbreviations. Does not seem to conform to the style guide.

    30. Again, quotation marks here break from style guide usage.

    31. Check quote usage; does not fit with style guide. Recommend not to use quotes here.