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  1. Oct 2016
    1. At the same time, life-as-network also means that the social field is not comprised of discrete sites but from events that are shifting and moving, grafted onto and connected with other events

      Everything is interconnected in some way or another, and they are dynamically changing, which speaks to the rhetoric of the situation

    2. herefore, this article proposes an augmentation to our popular conceptual frameworks of rhetorical situatio

      This directly relates to the goal of the article since rhetoric is something that is omnipresent and always alive, therefore it should be discussed as "affective ecologies" rather than something that is static

  2. Sep 2016
    1. The means to this goal has been to push the poor out of sight. The most damaging binary in the images of life in the city has been wealth and poverty. While one is something to strive for, the other is a state of being an outcast. I

      a comparison can be drawn with Schindler

    1. Transfor-mative rhetoric thus requires that we learn how to think of ourselves within these multiple networks, and also how they might be otherwise construed

      IC, DC

    2. Whether or not we know it, we are already part of multiple networks.


    3. within networks; publ

      Ic; IC

    4. public subjects are never single

      We have to be aware that a persons impact expands greater than simply on a singular level. There are always multiple parties involved in public matters

    5. ne of the questions motivating m

      Intro element used to transition from paragraph to paragraph, It specifies and ties back to her claim that rhetoric requires us to think in multiple ways