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  1. Mar 2019
    1. viral?

      Memes that go viral become a thing to talk about all over social media. Sometimes you get tired of seeing them because there are times where people simply wear them out and its like ok next!!!

    2. My mom uses memes and have no clue what they mean. she sends them at the wrong time. Now that my dad is a fb junkie he reads memes all day and laugh like its the funniest thing ever. I must admit many memes are funny.

    3. I usually com across memes on social media. I even started using them in my messages because it spices up the conversation without actually using words.

    1. Selfies are such a prominent part of todays society because you can be whoever you want to be at that point. Filters can be added or you can angle the picture in certain ways to make you feel better about yourself. Taking selfies can give people an outer body experience because selfies tend to boost confidence. You can take a million just to get that one perfect shot to post for likes and to be accepted by the world.

  2. Feb 2019
    1. Some poor soul animated it and gave voice to its actors, and I have no doubt that some number (dozens? Hundreds? Millions? Sure, why not?) of kids have sat and watched it and found some mystifying, occult enjoyment in it. But it’s certainly not “official,” and it’s hard, watching it onscreen as an adult, to understand where it came from and what it means that the view count beneath it is continually ticking up

      I mean like seriously I buy my daughter everything she sees on YouTube just for her to spend hours watching other people and their parents play with these items. When I was growing up I never found YouTube fasicinating it sometimes disgust me how much time children spend on YouTube looking at this crap.

    2. Which, well. Everywhere I went online this year, I was asked to prove I’m a human. Can you retype this distorted word? Can you transcribe this house number? Can you select the images that contain a motorcycle? I found myself prostrate daily at the feet of robot bouncers, frantically showing off my highly developed pattern-matching skills

      This section right here hits it on the nose more than anything. I hate these proving I'm a human test because half the time I can't read the numbers because they are written so fancy or what I think is a store front the computer doesn't. The Irony!!