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  1. Jun 2022
    1. Rose (2015) remarked that the notion of an “average” learner is a misnomer, and learner diversity (rather than uniformity) is actually the norm.

      and aren't averages are made up of already varying data points anyway? who decides what "average" comprises/looks like?

    1. designers who are given an example tend to reproduce features from the example (Jansson & Smith, 1991), even when the example is known to be flawed

      How can I be cognizant of this and avoid adapting something that is flawed? - maybe the "design by analogy" brainstorm technique could help?

    2. Researchers who study ideation techniques argue that novelty comes from having dissimilar ideas. This means that variety is more important than quantity. But coming up with dissimilar ideas can be challenging because of fixation—the experience of getting stuck on previous ideas.

      Looking for variety of ideas vs quantity of ideas. Caveat about getting fixated on previous ideas.

  2. Jun 2017
    1. Similarly, it is true and useful to understand these changes in acquisition policy within the context of both internal and external industrial/institutional developments.

      Yes, how much influence did Exxon Mobil Corporation exert on the choice of programming viewed on Masterpiece Theatre?

  3. Mar 2017