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  1. Apr 2022
    1. With that definition in place I believe that much of the criticism around NFTs and crypto can be broken down into people who do believe that objective value exists, or should exist, and people who don’t

      Well this is a great question.

    2. The artwork I bought was a Channel S0 Founder NFT. Channel is a decentralised media organisation aiming to build new tools for creators in the web3 era

      Another organization fundraising with "Founder NFTs"

  2. Mar 2022
    1. Our supporters

      I'm pretty sure that these are Diamond DAO's investors.

    1. dive into trends and patterns that emerge from applying network analysis and data science on the digital traces collected from Snapshot and DAOHaus. Finally, in Part 3, I take the MetaCartel DAO as a case study of governance and look at some of the properties that drive participation. In each section, you will find a collectible NFT. The proceeds from each NFT will go directly towards supporting current and future Diamond Dao community resea

      This is super interesting because blah blah blah