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    1. Evelyn Hutchins arrived in Spain on April 12th, 1937. She was told many times that Spain was a bad place for Women to be due to the political climate but she was not afraid of that. Sh

      I'm not sure what is going on here in regards to font/style/headings.

    1. Contents

      It is not clear to me what function this second Contents serves). As far as I can tell it duplicates an already existing structure.

    2. from the empty skull representing what life under fascism is like. This show

      While the layout here is visually appealing, the use of the card widget suggests that there is somewhere to go for additional information. However, when you push the "Go there" button, the page does not provide additional information- which is a disheartening experience as a user.

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      Provide a formal citation with the note function.

    1. The Kampfgruppe 88 (K / 88) was a German bomber group. Together with the Jagdgruppe 88 (J / 88), the group was the largest unit of the Legion Condor, which took part in the Spanish Civil War on Franco's side. The units of the Luftwaffe of the Wehrmacht equipped with multi-engine bombers were usually referred to as combat squadrons or squadrons. The nominal relay strength was initially at ten bombers. This unit comprised three to four Staffeln - squadrons. First flying JU 52/3m3e's and JU 52/3mg4e's then HE 111Bs and finally HE 111Es.


    1. K/88 - Kampfgruppe 88

      I really like what you have done here to address the accessibility issue- this is a great layout.

    1. Walter Warlimont

      This is an interesting way to link the photo to the individual. You might also consider using the media link function: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/guide2/whole-part-relationships?path=working-with-structure

    2. [LC1]

      For the project lets number by page, without the LC, which is not a standard practice and therefore confusing.

    3. Impact of the Legion 9 plain 2019-04-16T02:18:41+00:00 Joseph Brown 5eac7ef3705d9f80e567b77e809a27064bd00249 1 2019-04-11T22:00:35+00:00 Joseph Brown 5eac7ef3705d9f80e567b77e809a27064bd00249 Organization of the Legion

      As far as I can tell, you are using the tag function for the purpose of forward and backward movement. I'd reconsider using it for this purpose.