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  1. Oct 2015
    1. published

      published by whom? Is self published work counted in?

    2. For literary works written for computers this was a time of transition from a time when very few and largely disconnected works were created, to a time when many works were created every year, and the people who create those works see themselves as contributing to a field.

      Can we consider that there is also more and more e-lit with social media, where people are used to created content, and even if not everything is e-lit, this new type of content sparks something within some artists/writers? Has social media made it easier to create e-lit?

    1. Those wondering why electronic literature is relatively unknown

      Can we considered it is unknow by the name "electronic literature" but that anyone who has extensively used a computer has been confronted to elit ?

    2. Can e-lit have a physical prolongation thanks to technologies like 3D printing or the maker movement in general?

    1. The c

      The idea of going beyond the ebook and really using all the possibilities offred by digital is important. But can e-lit use pieces of "traditional literature", for example coming from the public domain?

    2. Poems and stories that are generated by computers, either interactively or based on parameters given at the beginning

      So I guess texts created by AI, or at least some of the texts, can be considered e-lit.

    3. Novels that take the form of emails, SMS messages, or blogs

      How easily could our cognitive be used for e-lit? Could we create e-lit without even knowing?