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  1. Oct 2021
    1. The breakdown of water involves a rearrangement of the atoms in water molecules into different molecules,

      Why would hydrogen and oxygen need to be separated for?

    2. exothermic.

      I remember learning about this briefly in high school, the prefix exo means outside. While endo means inside. We were taught a lot of prefixes and their meanings, which was very helpful because I can figure out what words mean most of the time by looking at the prefixes and sufixes.

    1. hetero

      the prefix hetero means another or more than one, while homo means one.

    2. such as evaporation,

      What comes to mind here for me is salt water, and evaporating/ boiling the water to be left with salt

    3. A fourth state of matter, plasma, occurs naturally in the interiors of stars, and in some other high-temperature environments (both natural and man-made), such as lightning strikes, certain television screens, and specialized analytical instruments used to detect trace amounts of metals.

      I am confused as to why plasma is considered it's own state of matter. My initial thought was that it would be considered a solid, but I'm guessing because it is a form of light or electricity which is neither a solid or gas?

    1. However, most of the subjects in the microscopic domain of chemistry—such as atoms and molecules—are too small to be seen even with standard microscopes and often must be pictured in the mind.

      I was very confused in the paragraph before this one when it said "The microscopic domain of chemistry is almost always visited in the imagination" This is what I thought they refferred to with imagination, so it connects back to that