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  1. Jan 2017
    1. The larger point that this argument and false dichotomy misses is that we need to speak to the racial realities of the entire American electorate—the fears of most whites and the hopes and dreams of people of color and progressive whites.

      This is true for all outreach and initiatives offered to people. We can no longer live in black and white, men and women, children and adults. The false dichotomies miss the specificity which is needed to speak to the racial realities of the American people. In order or force collective change, we need to move away from notions and ideas of individualism and recognize that until all are free, no one is. And in order to ensure this change spurs lasting impact and unites our people, we need solutions that respect and cater to the fears of most whites as well as the hopes and dreams of people of color, progressive whites, and all intersecting identities.

      How does change like this happen? You got to want it. You got to want it even though you know it means pain, suffering, sacrifice. You got to want it badly enough to do something; to fight back; to question and ask why; to educate yourself; to educate others; to lose friends; to lose jobs; to unlearn the lies you've lived by; to remain hopeful despite it all. Learn to use the pain as fuel and find joy in the struggle because it's constant.