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  1. May 2017
    1. affinity space

      It was nice to see you were able to relate what you do in your career to things you are learning in this class. Did you end up contributing more than just at one post and comment? It’s great to have a space to reference or post in if you have a question. Is there some sort of notifications that are sent to you when people respond?

      One of the strengths of this affinity space seem to be the peer to peer conversations. I am surprised how many people jumped in at the math question you showed. I never really thought about the use of a blog to solve problems such as that, I would have assumed no one would respond.

      The feature you mentioned from Gee and Hayes consisted of an affinity space not segregated by age and one that everyone can produce not just consume. Do you think there was a certain age group that visited this page? This type of space might benefit from knowing people’s age or area of expertise. That would help direction some of the questions to the correct person.

      Thank you for sharing, it’s great to hear you can use what you learned from this!

      -Annie Melzer

    1. (2)

      I have heard about this game, but I really do not know much about it. Mostly my preconceptions are probably that of nerdy guys sitting around in a basement, I am glad I got to see a different side of this. I am assuming that deck designers is a role in the game? It’s great you had the opportunity to do something you already had a previous knowledge about. I am curious how your first interactions went? Did you know anyone personally who used this community. I have not seen anyone mention a portion of a site directly talking about rumors surrounding the game. In your opinion, are any of the rumors found to be true? I am curious how people could even find out new info. I know the IPhone is known for its leaks but I am surround that a community of this size would have such conspiracy theories.<br> Did you find any negatives or limitations with this specific affinity space? It definitely seems feedback from peers was helpful to you in your deck building. Do you think this is something that you would us in the future? I don’t know how much more I learned about Minecraft the Gathering: Salvation but I appreciate a sneak peek into the minds of the players. The whole rumor side of this really makes me wonder what could possibly lie deeper than just the game. Thanks for sharing!

      -Annie Melzer

  2. Apr 2017

      I think this applies to adults as well as high school students, they are not alone.

  3. Feb 2017

      Do you know if there is any significant difference between playing on an IPad vs PC/Mac? I downloaded the free version on my phone. I must say it is too small of a screen to really enjoy it. The game was build to see on a large screen in my opinion.

    2. 2.5 hours away

      I grew up in Cleveland, even closer to Cedar Point. I used to work at Geauga Lake. NOW I understand your love of rollercoasters!! I have the same addiction.

    1. In the end, nobody won, not even me.

      Maybe this is the point of the game? There is not always a happy ending. I sort of enjoy the idea of disappointment throughout the game, that to me mirrors the apocalyptic theme. Would you want to play again? Do you think because you were the Betrayer you have a different opinion of the game?

    2. Accusations were thrown around,

      I enjoy reading your writing, it sounds like a murder mystery haha.

    3. can die slowly

      Reminds me of the Oregon trail. You make this game seem so ominous. How long did it take you to read through the instructions ( 12 pages?!) Based on your feedback, I have a sense there is a lot of intricacies to this game. Was there any confusion when you played?

    4. survival horror genre

      Love this, I am a zombie anything fan! Have you played any other board games that were similar to this one? I think would be something I would enjoy.

    1. alpha tribe that you have to consult

      Who forms this alpha tribe? How do they make decisions that influence your game play?

    2. There are other players about as well.

      Does this mean that other people are playing the game? Or are these computer generated people? I was just wondering because the ability to interact with other people in this game seems high tech if this for XBox 1.