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  1. Oct 2015
    1. In 2015, Bay Beach will pick up even more momentum thanks to the donation of three diesel powered railroad engines, three railroad cars and an extensive collection of railroad memorabilia from the Paul Woelbing family.

      How will this be displayed?

    2. In January, the City of Green Bay announced the Friends of Bay Beach purchased three new rides.

      what are these rides?

    3. On Lombardi Avenue, we will see a large redevelopment start to take shape under the Green Bay Packers,

      How is Green Bay working with Ashwaubenon to improve this area?

  2. Sep 2015
    1. I realize it took courage for him to come to the house when he did, facing all those women who think he’s the Antichrist

      Very powerful word choice, I can't imagine anyone who would see someone being called the Antichrist as anything but sinister and serious.

    2. summoning me from a great distance as I row my boat through a dim, complicated dream. She’s on the shoreline, barking. Wake up. She’s staring at me with her head slightly tipped to the side, long nose, gazing eyes, toenails clenched to get a purchase on the wood floor.

      This helps us connect to the author, so many people can relate to a dog waking them up or something appearing in their dreams that is in reality

    3. the husband

      Why is it THE husband and not MY husband? She uses this several times, what happens to the possessiveness?

    1. examined shopping patterns of several households

      Was there any variety in the households? Different locations, religions, diets, etc? #localGBcomp