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  1. Apr 2021
    1. React synchronizes the DOM according to our current props and state. There is no distinction between a “mount” or an “update” when rendering. You should think of effects in a similar way. useEffect lets you synchronize things outside of the React tree according to our props and state.

      This is very important when looking at the lifecycle of a react component

  2. Mar 2021
    1. decarbonization also creates opportunities, and investors are keen to put capital to work on these areas. Many of them directly involve, or are adjacent to, chemicals production, including battery materials, green hydrogen, and materials that can enable energy efficiency.

      Circular economies are good news for everyone

    1. Try it on this sentence.

      Trying out another annotation

    1. Web pages you view in your browser use JavaScript code. That’s why web pages aren’t just static documents anymore — they’re dynamic. A bookmarklet is a normal bookmark with a piece of JavaScript code instead of a web address. When you click or tap the bookmarklet, it will execute the JavaScript code on the current page

      Just discovered Hypothesis today, and people should check this out to get an idea of how it works!