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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Be culturally relevant; consider making content related to trending pop culture or news items to piggyback off what people are already talking about and searching for.

      Might not actually be giving a fully formed opinion

    2. For easy hits, try doing an autotune version of a famous video.

      Certain content with less effort gets promoted

    3. If there is a boring lull in your video, cut it. Don’t be boring; people have very short attention spans when it comes to viewing online content.

      Consumer culture of online videos

    4. When it comes down to it, most YouTubers are opinionated so have an opinion of your own.

      Are seen as divisive

    5. Make sure your videos are bright rather than dark, depressing and generally dreary.

      Forces an positive outlook

    6. Don’t necessarily rush to edit out mistakes; mistakes make you human and relatable. YouTube isn’t Hollywood.

      Can be manipulated to seem more genuine

    7. Upload as often as you can no matter what. Try to make new videos AT LEAST once a week.

      Can leave creators drained, not as much time to think

    8. Once you have one incredible video with some decent momentum try to get featured by a YouTube editor; just like Instagram, getting featured is the quickest, surest path to success.

      "mentioning" system

    9. Start by making shorter videos.

      Algorithm prioritizes a certain format.

    10. passionate about making content rather than trying to be successful

      Also contradicts the first statements. See annotation 2 too. The passion people are forced to expel makes everything they say seem more genuine, pushing the neutral narrative.

    11. Above all else, be yourself and be original; the audience wants to get to know you as a person so express your unique personality.

      This contradicts #PopularOnYouTube. While I don't believe you have to betray yourself in order to do a cool trend, if being yourself doesn't fit well into #PopularOnYouTuber it becomes harder to net popularity.

    12.  #PopularOnYouTube

      The best way to get views fast is to follow what's popular.

  2. Feb 2018
    1. there is one longing, almost as deep and ingrained as the desire for food or sleep, that is seldom gratified: the desire to be important.

      Referring back to his ultimate goal, which is getting what he wants, it's clear to see there is some insincerity to principle two. To "give honest and sincere appreciation"is to make someone feel important, which makes them easier to convince. (Principle 2)

    2. Do you know someone you would like to change in some way? When you find yourself getting caught up in other people’s annoying habits or behaviors, think of a few reasons they might be acting the way they are.  

      "Criticism is futile because it puts a person on the defensive and usually makes them strive to justify themselves." Once again, Carnegie is trying to change someone. He is being critical. He's just expressing it in a way that doesn't seem critical to avoid a wall. " . . . you would like to change in some way?" (Principle 1)

    3. when dealing with people, we’re dealing not with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, who are motivated by pride and ego.

      "Don't criticize, condemn, or complain" isn't about how the right way is being non confrontational. It's about having to frame your argument in a way that seems that way because of people's nature. (Overview)

    4. If we lose the argument, we lose; if we win the argument, we have made the other person feel inferior, hurt his pride, and made him resent us.

      The real kicker. Avoiding conflict maintains likability. Remember his goal though.

      Principle 1, Part 2: "The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it."

    1. who primarily profits on YouTube ad money. It’s estimated that Paul earns up to $1.3 million per month from YouTube advertising alone.


    2. Google Preferred

      Once a YouTuber gets enough fame, they get pushed specifically by the website.

    3. canceled his upcoming YouTube Red movie The Thinning: New World Order, a sequel to his previous YouTube Red movie The Thinning

      YouTube is a gateway to other sources of revenue. YT > Movie

    1. 70 per cent of its viewing time, making the algorithm among the single biggest deciders of what people watch.

      Youtube's algorithm driven playlists are the main driver in content seen.

    2. personalised playlists

      Ads, recommendations, exc.

    3. 10-fold increase from 2012

      Increase in watch time, an increase in revenue, an increase in incentive

    4. billion YouTube hours daily worldwide

      The hours watched are almost equal to the users. Each user expends an incredible amount of energy and time on YouTube.

    5. changes the site has made to highlight more neutral fare

      Bad track record.

    6. misleading or false content

      Everyone is allowed to upload content to YouTube initially, which means there's no editorial system like on TV stations.

    7. divisive

      "to divide people"

    8. 1.5 billion users

      YouTube reaches an incredibly large international audience.

    1. maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction

      YouTube is a business. They still have aims as a company to please their customers. If their customers come back, they have a steady increase in revenue.

    2. search results, the suggested videos stream, on the home page, the trending stream, under the viewer’s subscriptions, and through any notifications they have set up

      "Six key places algorithm impacts where videos can appear."

    3. determines which ones they’ll be shown in other sections of the site

      The algorithm doesn't just give viewers initial exposure, it gives them exposure over the entire length of time they're on YouTube.

    4. YouTube needs a way to automate the selection of videos that surface to each user


    5. 400 hours of video uploaded every minute

      There is a huge desire for content; financial opportunity.

    1. pulled their business

      YouTube needs to remember their bottom line.

    2. For creators, the changes to YouTube’s advertising system has caused confusion. The person behind popular YouTube channel “DramaAlert,” which has 1.8 million subscribers, tweeted Friday — incorrectly — that YouTube had stopped showing advertising on channels with fewer than 25,000 subscribers.

      A news channel that REPORTS cases like hate activity.

    3. It’s not a new thing for YouTube creators to raise concerns about inconsistencies on the platform. Creators of activist channels, including one devoted to sharing stories of abuse of women and another run by a transgender activist, have complained of videos they said follow guidelines nonetheless losing ads.

      While this is accidentally creating problems for innocent YouTubers, it's important to remember that it's also addressing cases like these; "abuse of women""transgender activist"

    4. “If you’re seeing fluctuations in your revenue over the next few weeks, it may be because we’re fine tuning our ads systems to address these concerns,” reads a YouTube community manager post from Thursday.

      They claim to be looking into the problem from channels that are accidentally affected, but people are still complaining. This was almost a years ago.

    5. “If you think your video was demonetized in error, request an appeal by clicking on the yellow $ icon next to the video in Video Manager.”

      There are ways to address the problems popping up.

    6. YouTube could lose $750 million in revenue this year over advertisers halting business, according to analyst firm Nomura Instinet.

      Revenue Youtube gets from ads

    7. two weeks ago

      From March 30, 2017