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  1. Nov 2016
    1. When people in the Standing Rock Sioux tribe found out, they said the pipeline could desecrate their ancestral burial grounds and also contaminate the Missouri River, their only water supply. These issues were detailed in a lawsuit the tribe filed in July claiming they were never consulted.

      It's completely unjust for the North Dakota gov't to build this pipeline through the Native American ancestral burial ground, especially when they were not consulted. Have we not taken enough from them?

    1. However, Oxford noted that Trump would likely be forced to negotiate with Congress more than he suggests and that would offset negative impact.

      Now that he has been elected in congress in majority Republican its possible he could get things passed easier

    1. In its ever-escalating war against connectivity ports, Apple’s latest computers do away with the SD card port, a full-size USB port, and the HDMI port.

      This most likely just another way apple is forcing us to buy things from them, cause why give our loyal slaves somethiing for free when we can make the pay

    1. Colorado’s nine electoral votes have appeared out of reach for Trump for most of the campaign, but Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein have generally run stronger there than in other states.

      will trump be able to win at all if he can't get colorado, seeing that Hillary already has numerous states locked down

    2. But there are a few swing states where the bombshell letter FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress on Friday could still have a disproportionate effect.

      These states are probably Trump's last chance to win

    1. but needed a warrant to look at the material that might be related to Clinton.

      knowing the way things are for Clinton, she will walk scotch-free

    2. U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid sent a letter to Comey on Sunday suggesting he violated the Hatch Act, which bars the use of a federal government position to influence an election.

      He could have just released the information because he felt like it needed to be released, why when anything bad happens to Hillary is someone automatically wrong or breaking the law.