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  1. Apr 2016
    1. Responding to Current Events News: Why is it important for young children to learn about and discuss their emotional responses to news and current events?    

      This is important foundation building discussions that should be held with students.

    2. persuasive appeal

      I would want to do more research on how to teach students this concept because it is important to creating a public service announcement.

    3. PSA's can be a simple and effective way to get young students involved in civic action

      The way that PSA's are addressed here gives a possible outlet for students to make their voices heard.

    1. Creating a PSA using iMovie

      We found this page useful because it gives details how-to information that teachers and students should work with before bringing their research together to make a final product. Teachers and students should understand how the different elements of the iMovie program can make the information they want to share more effective.

    1. Conduct researchWrite informative/explanatory textParticipate in collaborative discussionsCreate artwork to support a concept

      I think that when creating a PSA with our students about floods, it was challenging because our students weren't personally impacted by flooding, so we had to think through skills carefully. It's important that students find purpose in all that you are asking them to do.

    2. Introduce students to the idea of a PSA. A PSA is designed to reach a specific group with a message that will change the group's behavior. Then ask the overarching question: How much impact can a PSA have on our behavior? 

      I know that when working on a PSA with our St. Elmo students, we didn't focus on the behavior as part of our explanation of the purpose of PSAs. If we were to create another PSA project, we might take more time into looking at impact on behavior.

  2. Feb 2016
  3. jackymumford.wordpress.com jackymumford.wordpress.com
    1. I’m continuously inspired to teach by my love of history

      You could expand on why you chose history.

    2. Covington Middle School.

      (I was totally a Covington Colt) I think that you could give a little more information on this experience for the audience, like what grade your working with and what are some exciting things in history you get to work with.

    3. welcome to share in this exciting journey

      Giving an invitation to share your experiences with you makes your blog welcoming, shows your personality.

    4. This web space serves platform for me to express myself as a student & educator (sometimes through humor), to connect with my readers, and to share advice & tips for educators along the way.

      I like that your shared this, I think it is important to support other educators by sharing your own experience.

  4. rubenaf.weebly.com rubenaf.weebly.com
    1. Junior at St. Edwards University

      You could share some experience you have with working with EC-12 grade students in physical education.

    2. It is surrounded by farms and windmills!

      Your images are really cool and I think you could talk more about your background because it's interesting that you're studying in such a big city having that experience of living in a very small town. (I don't know if this makes sense)

    3. My goal in life is to teach individuals of all ages the importance of physical health and education.

      Nice goal, this shows your audience your purpose.

    4. "JUST DO IT"™- Nike, and also Shia Labeouf

      I selected this first because it showed your personality here and it's funny!