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  1. Oct 2020
    1. He was a man of about Grant’s age, or a little older. Thick coarse white hair fell over his forehead and his skin was leathery but pale, yellowish-white like an old wrinkled-up kid glove. His long face was dignified and melancholy and he had something of the beauty of a powerful, discouraged, elderly horse. But where Fiona was concerned he was not discouraged.


      Aubrey is a secondary character which is consciously described. The character’s features (eyes, hair) and age signs (wrinkles and skin in general) are described with detail, as well as the colours that are perceived. Most characters are compared with different natural features: here, a horse. Nature is an important element in the story for constant references to the landscape, plants and flowers, weather and seasons can be found.<br> All the characters in the story are consistent, motivated and life-like characters; Audrey is not an exception, his character is a static character.