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  1. Jun 2023
    1. The Ski Valley, founded in the 1950s by Mickey Blake’s parents, Ernie and Rhoda Blake,

      Their names are all over the resort and Alpine and Bavarian names whitewash the native presence and arguably, the native ownership.

  2. Dec 2021
    1. GARAGE TO EXTERIOR ENTRY DOOR. Primed ready to paint. Steel, insulated door. $433

      Is this the door going to the west side? I don't recall discussing it. I don't think it needs to be replaced. IOW, replace the sceen door and wooden door that goes from the kitchen to the garage. The one that goes outdoors (west) from the garage can stay. Or did I miss somethig?

    2. 0" right hand, in swing, oak, 2-panel door. Order, pick up and deliver new door to shop. Stain and varnish to match existing door. Remove and save trim. Install new door frame and door. Reinstall old trim. Reuse old lock set. Fill nail holes. Clean up work area and dispose of old door. INCLUDES 30" oak door and frame: $345 Does not include: painting, new trim,

      Let's replace the master bedroom door rather than the other 2 bedrooms.

    3. alternivess to epoxy? is there a way to make the concrete itself rougher, less slippery?

    4. ) PELLA Casement, Double pane, tempered glass, No blinds. White painted wood interior, white metal clad exterior. $893 Option

      we'll do this one. What about a screen?

  3. Jan 2021
    1. The coop actually had a piece of wood mounted to the kitchen wall with chopsticks sticking out of it for bags to dry on.

      Some chopsticks might fit in a pegboard

  4. Jun 2017
    1. Six students explicitly preferred Hypothes.is to the context-free comments permitted in Blackboard’s Discussion Board

      I wonder if over time, more students would come to prefer the hypothes.is based discussions?

    2. our ability to discover the multilayered history of a single word or phrase, literary anal-ysis has reached a new sphere.

      We've had this ability since the OED (late 19th century) at least. Is there something newer that I missed?