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  1. Oct 2015
    1. Competition was still part of this system, but it shifted. Rather than attempting to compete for point totals, volunteers were now encouraged to keep their activity index high.

      The game then becomes the habituation of labour.

    2. Annettee Vee’s detailed rhetorical analysis of how computer code has been defined at various times as text, speech, and machine is evidence that rhetoricians are no longer neglecting the realm of computation

      I'm just dropping this off as a bookmark so I can link to this section for someone else.

  2. Sep 2015
  3. Jul 2015
    1. the DWRL staff is back to it!

      Yes we are!

    2. Winter break is over

      Yes it is!

    1. We need to pierce the veil of silence that surrounds the force, to expose their own criminal activity and hold them accountable for it

      Call to action

    2. Yes, there are good, honest cops out there,

      Anticipating opposition -> refutation

    3. If the police want respect, they have to earn it, and our unquestioning deference only enables and perpetuates their misconduct.

      Major claim

    4. There are plenty of people whose jobs place them in potentially mortal danger — teachers, firefighters, postal workers, etc. — but there's only one group that can murder unarmed civilians on video and never even be brought to trial.