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  1. Oct 2019
    1. In geological terms, transcontinental shipping, which began in the 16th century, and later aviation, which took off in the 20th century, are playing the same role as plate tectonics has in the past. Today, they are knitting the continents and oceans together, the opposite of the trend over the past 200 million years that has seen the continents separatin

      I forget where I saw it or who wrote it and all that, but I remember seeing an article stating that there were noticeable differences in how the Earth's landmasses were shifting and changing. Now, how much of that is fact? Well, I don't know but it is super interesting to see that we could be getting another super continent, even though we certainly will be long gone before that happens.

    2. As Spaniards pillaged, their diseases helped them.

      As our technologies increase, we can put some thought of the possibility of this way of warfare returning. A controlled biological warfare could be imminent as terrifying as that would be. Now, in the 1500s it was partly accidental, but biological warfare would ensure that the land wasn't destroyed, only the people. Spooky.

  2. Sep 2019
    1. Still, they believed so strongly in their right to the property that they spent the next eight years fighting the case from jail, becoming two of the longest-serving inmates for civil contempt in U.S. history.

      I think this is a tricky situation. Morally, I am sure the courts would like to let them keep the land (depending on who is in charge of this case). But laws can bite anyone in the butt and people get jail time for "crimes" some may feel are undeserved.

    2. In the United States today, 76% of African Americans do not have a will, more than twice the percentage of white Americans.

      That's wild. I never really put any thought to a statistic like this. But seeing how crazy law and court can get, you would think this number would be lower.

    1. The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that federal courts are powerless to hear challenges to partisan gerrymandering, the practice in which the party that controls the state legislature draws voting maps to help elect its candidates.

      Ok it helps knowing what that means, so that's nice. But also, gerrymandering doesn't sound like a fair practice, but as I said in a previous article, I don't know much about politics.

    1. Lines like these, drawn in cities across the country to separate “hazardous” and “declining” from “desirable” and “best,” codified patterns of racial segregation and disparities in access to credit.

      So prejudice caused lines drawn that may not have been completely factual? As the 1930's were a different time, it makes more sense but still, just because of race, places should not be marked as "hazardous" or "desirable," but again, it's the 30's.

    1. And far from being kept from the family he tore apart, under Guatemalan law Gehovany has the right to visit his son upon release, according to legal officials in Guatemala.

      Um. What the f***, first of all, 4 years in prison is a slap on the wrist compared to what this person deserves. Second of all, what is going to stop him from attempting to kill the girl or the child? Our country needs to allow any human in danger of injury or death, no matter the gender or age, it's just messed up what this poor girl and her family went through.

    1. At the U.S.-Mexico border this was evident in the decline in deaths in California which coincided with a rapid rise in Arizona. The Tucson, Arizona coroner’s office saw a substantial increase in the number of migrant deaths in the years after the hardening of the border, as migration routes shifted to the more dangerous deserts.

      Okay I do not know much about politics but I believe making migration laws more flexible will prevent an increase in deaths as Tucson has experienced.

    2. Walls are not effective at stopping a modern military because planes and missiles go over them and tanks can smash right through

      This is precisely what I had in the back of my mind throughout the article and especially during the discussion of The Great Wall, technology being different will nullify and use of a wall and only be a waste of money and labor.

    1. Because of that and other factors, there are now simply fewer women to marry and bear children.

      A simple explanation as to why there can not be as many children born. Since selective abortion has been a thing until it was illegalized, there are not as many women to bear children simply due to cultural aspects of China.

    2. Young couples are also struggling with economic pressures, including rising housing and education costs.

      Having the choice of giving birth to more than one child should be a human right and we are fortunate to have such freedoms. Although, the reasoning behind people of China not having more kids is the economic instability for people that would like to have more than one child.

    1. Three core concepts of geography: space, place, and environment. The essence of geography (shaded) is an integration of spatial variation over the Earth’s surface with the distinctiveness of places and interactions between people and their environments

      Geography is formed by space, place and environment according to this writing. When combined it is geography and they rely on each other. Combining the ideas of each has given me a deeper personal understanding of what makes geography and the ideas that were discussed in class session number two.

    2. The whole of Gaul is divided into three parts, of these one is inhabited by the Belgae, a second by the Aquitani, and a third by a people called Celts in their own language and Gauls in ours. Each differs from the others in language, customs and laws ... Geography confi nes the Helvetii in all directions. On one side the broad and deep Rhine separates the Helvetian country from the Germans; on another the lofty Jura range lies between the Helvetii and the Sequani; and on a third side Lake Geneva and the Rhone separate the Helvetii from our province.

      I find it interesting how closely geography is connected to history. Julius Caesar connected his knowledge of people to knowledge of geography in the sense that he knew which people resided where, therefore knowing what land is where.

  3. Aug 2019
    1. By echoing the daily practice of the selfie, the camera and the picture make space real and imaginable to us in an even more direct way than Blue Marble, but with none of the social impact of the earlier image.

      Having a faceless being take this photo makes the journey to space feel feasible to any average human. Also it mentions throughout the reading different media such as photography and comics. This photo is similar to how Stan Lee wanted people to believe anybody could be behind the Spider-Man mask. The photo makes the Blue Marble more impactful for those who view it on Earth.