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  1. Nov 2018
    1. And if you’re planning on checking the forecast on AccuWeather before heading out, you can expect to be connected to 48 third-party servers.

      Even the weather knows your history!

    2. Because ad-blocking prevents publishers from gaining income they derive when ads are clicked, the CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau claimed that “ad blocking is robbery” that could lead to an “internet apocalypse.

      Funny how they say day-light robbery. Meaning you are paying these advertisement campaigners with your privacy!

    1. Another such example is a story by news channel Russia Today, which tells of Jewish people fleeing Kiev due to anti-Semitism of the new Ukrainian government. The channel’s personnel even showed how Rabbi Mihail Kapustin is packing and saying that he’s forced to escape the oncoming danger. However, if you listen to his words, you will discover that he somehow doesn’t say which side he’s afraid of, exactly. If you dig deeper, you will further discover that he’s not a rabbi of a Kiev synagogue, but a Simferopol synagogue; he had earlier publicly come out asking for defence of both Ukraine and Crimea from Russia. Now, he is fleeing Crimea due to the new Russian government.

      News taking a clip and making it a story there wanted it to be, but the truth was they wanted the hid the fact that the rabbi was funning from the new Russian government

    2. Another method: make a screenshot of a more prominent part of the video, and place it in Google Image search, using the method described earlier. There is a possibility that someone used the video in some news, or used such a prominent screenshot as an image somewhere. This way it is possible to uncover the original source.

      Another simple method, is to just screen shot the image of the video, Look for reg plates (This could give you a good idea of what country there in)

    3. Select a version of the video with the highest amount of views, and read the comments by other viewers

      If the video is on YouTube, remember to always check the comments. As someone could of already spotted the fake before you did

    4. If there is a recent date in the very title of the video, and that particular video has been uploaded to YouTube multiple times over a short span of time, then there is high probability that the video is a fake

      Remember to see how many times that video has been uploaded. Also check for the date in the title could also instigate that it is a fake.

  2. Oct 2018
    1. One of the men being beaten in this video is speaking Foulfoulde, which is a commonly spoken language in the Far North region of Cameroon.

      Different to image verification, with video we can check on languages which could help us determine an location