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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Summery of my paragraph from chapter XXI, it starts with "Will Ladislaw was struck mute for a few moments." and ends with "but with a good effort he resolved it into nothing more offensive than a merry smile."

      Cody-Lee Bankson

      So far I find this paragraph to be the most interesting places that Ladislaw and Dorothea interact. The reason for this being that it shows Ladislaw doing a 180 on how he views Dorothea. When first meeting Dorothea Ladislaw doesn't think anything of her, in fact he states that he didn't particularly like her. However, now that she's married and has shown signs of distress Ladislaw sees her as a "adorable young creature" and gets so made that he shows "comic disgust". This paragraph also shows the reader just how much Ladislaw dislikes his cousin. The insults used are very eloquent and, in my opinion, make Ladislaw more likable as a character. Also during this paragraph there is a short parentheses section that switches from Ladislaw to the narrator. This section, I think, shows that the narrator, to some extent, disagrees with Ladislaw's view of Casaubon's research. I think that this small note from the narrator shows some of their character and gets me more interested in who they are. Although I am more interested in how this new relationship between Dorothea and Ladislaw will turn out. I see this paragraph as foreshadowing of Ladislaw falling in love with Dorothea, though I could be wrong.

    2. adorable young creature

      This phrase shocked me. I knew that Ladislaw's view of Dorothea had changed but I didn't know it had changed this much. Also this makes me think that this could be foreshadowing as to what might happen between Dorothea and Ladislaw.

    3. unseasonable

      unseasonable: untimely or inopportune. Basically it would be inappropriate to suddenly laugh and then start swearing.

    4. invective

      invective: insulting, abusive, or highly critical language. Does this mean that Ladislaw wanted to burst into a string of swear words? Or did he just want to state his disgust?

    5. futilities

      futility: a lack of importance or purpose. "mouldy futilities" implies that Ladislaw views Casaubon's research is old, gross, an of little importance when compared to his wife.

    6. hyperbole

      Hyperbole: exaggerate This section feels like a shift back to the narrator where he tells the reader that Ladislaw tends to exaggerate. Implying that Ladislaw views about Casaubon's research being "mouldy futilities" is not the same as the narrators views. However, does this mean that the narrator believes Casaubon's research is important? Why insert this section here?

    7. chamber

      chamber: private room - for example, a bedroom.

    8. false antiquities

      false antiquities: phony antiques I feel this phrase is stating that Casaubon's explanations are just as important as phony antiques that you can find at a stall. In other words his explanations have no value what so ever.

    9. elaborator

      I do not understand this word and when I looked it up the only thing I found was elaborate. elaborate: marked with great care and necessity to detail / marked by intricate and often excessive detail. If this is indeed the meaning of the word then what definition is to be used? I feel this is an insult however, both of these definitions could be an insult and I don't know which to use.

    10. pedan

      Pendant: a piece of jewelry/ Literary, music, or art composition intended to match or complement another I think the meaning of "dried-up pendant" means that Ladislaw sees Casaubon as a has been. When something is dried-up it means that what ever was there isn't anymore. Therefore I feel that this is meant to state that Casaubon is past his prime and is a has been in the literary field.

    11. Bat of erudition

      erudition: knowledge acquired by research or study bat: an animal or an object used for cricket and baseball So this phrase would be the study or research of bats. however I am still confused. Why would Ladislaw laugh at Casaubon as a bat of research or study? Is calling someone that an insult? Why is bat capitalized, Is there a double meaning to it?