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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Others cannot sell my work, period.

      True, but we also limit what others can do with the OER that could limit access to others. Question: How many cases are there where an OER under CC BY is only available if someone pays for it?

    2. I’m using CC-BY-NC for my work.

      Presumably you were once using CC-BY and now are switching to a less open, CC-BY-NC?

    3. Convincing educators that OER somehow fail in these categories makes a business case for Cengage to curate and supplement OER for $25 USD per student, per course (Cengage, n.d.b.).

      I wonder how important these surveys really are in convincing or arguing against the use of OERs. Teachers are likely to just look for OERs that work and evaluate their utility accordingly.

    4. “open washing”

      A hidden agenda...

    5. the need for a change in how I choose to license and share my work

      Still curious as to why the need to change... from what to what?