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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Inputs are collected in standard React fashion with some hooks:

      To be honest, I'm not the most well-versed in best practices surrounding the new React hooks, so I could be wrong here / doing things in a convoluted way. The code here is a carry-over from the template I mention

      (this comment is also a test of hypothes.is annotations on my blog!)

    1. Deployment Management

      Tracking issue to document deployment management functionality: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/inertia/issues/538

      The examples in this section document most of the common commands already - refer to https://inertia.ubclaunchpad.com/cli/inertia_$%7Bremote_name%7D.html for more details

    2. Teams

      Tracking issue to document teams functionality: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/inertia/issues/539

      The majority of these features are available under inertia ${remote} user --help: https://inertia.ubclaunchpad.com/cli/inertia_$%7Bremote_name%7D_user.html

    1. by URL

      are there any plans to support wildcard queries? for example, to get all annotations on a website:


      This currently does not return anything

      (I'm aware this can be done via /search + h_notify, but would be nice to have this available directly as a feed)