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  1. Feb 2018
    1. disregard net neutrality.

      Which is scheduled to end in 60 days.

    2. Social-networking tools can also promote inclusion if we use them well. The web is interesting because it is universal; social networks are interesting because they are not – they give us a custom view, a manageable and trusted slice. On the other hand, tools do not serve us well if they reinforce -boundaries

      I'm skeptical of social networking tools to share information and promote inclusion. People don't always evaluate the information on their feeds and some social networking sites "feed" your similar information based on your search history. I worry about the echo chamber effect in these situations.

    1. a university librarian wondering why students use only Google nowadays

      I agree that the disruption is felt in libraries. While libraries have evolved for centuries, the pace of that change has certainly accelerated due to the disruptions created by new technologies.