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  1. Feb 2021
    1. ven radically alter their business models

      Bold claim!

    2. Work with other institutions

      The importance of inter-campus collaboration!

    3. We have far too many students who start and don't finish nationwide

      The completion agenda! -Bryan

    4. Higher Education Affordability:

      Link to development - Angie

    5. Improved Enrollment:

      "It's not just about the systems." -Lauren

  2. Jun 2020
    1. We need to find ways to bring the big picture of what is happening in the world around us into our classroom. This may be easier for some courses than others, of course. But even if we can’t do it in ways relevant to the course itself, we can still find a few minutes to have candid conversations with students about what’s happening in their lives besides education.

      Yes indeed. Especially at a global level.

    2. try to take a small step beyond it to be more accessible as a human being to your students. 

      This is such an important point. It's hard for many reasons. One is that we often expect professional quality - not only from faculty but also media. Yet authenticity counts for so much!

  3. Mar 2020
    1. In particular, climate change intersects powerfully with two other trends.

      Yes, this is really three trends combined.

  4. Jan 2020
  5. Jul 2019
  6. Jan 2019
  7. Nov 2018
    1. every-one involved in higher education teaching and learning will need to break with longstanding models and adopt “NGDLE thinking,” being open to different approaches and encouraging the community to progress along the NGDLE path

      This is both the strength and weakness of NGDLE. It's calling for a massive rethink of not just the LMS, but also of education and technology in general... and involving the entire post-secondary population. It's a conceptual and practical revolution.

    2. Dr. Weaver

      Very cute name.

    3. I'm in!

  8. Mar 2017
    1. better viewing habits.

      What did the instructor do to make this happen?

    2. Socrative,

      Supported by the college?

    3. Handbrake (freeware)

      Did students have to download, or was it preinstalled?

    1. the use of lab partners became almost a necessity as one student would perform the reaction or procedure while the other would capture it on the iPad.

      Peer learning.

    2. work-around techniques such as forming a Google Doc with their lab partners

      Does AC have Google Apps?