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  1. Feb 2018
    1. ecount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral


      This is an example of the fable The lion and the mouse and how to use it in the classroom. Going back to #1 to answer the questions about who, what, where, when, and why.

    1. my work privileges a “historicizing” literacy that acknowledges therich and textured lives of our youth.

      Is he describing his work in a way that he incorporates history or is it that he is bettering the lives of children through his work?

  2. May 2017
  3. Apr 2017
    1. A construction site in Trumbull has in the past three years yielded the following mineral: fluorites, pyrite, quartz (both crystalline and massive), topaz,scheelite, beryl and many other minerals.
    2. brownstone
    3. Roxbury attempted to extract iron from the ore siderite, but it was hard to refine and this operation only lasted from 1867-1872.
    4. nickel, tungsten, cobalt, bismuth, arsenic, quartz, feldspar, mica, marble, garnet, clay, natural cement and gemstones

      we found

    5. During the 1800’s, barite was mined in Cheshire. Barite is a heavy white mineral composed of barium and sulphate. Today it is used in paint, glazes and as and additive to fluids used in drilling oil wells. During the 1800’s, it was sometimes used to adulterate flour. It’s white color allowed someone to mix several unnoticed cupfuls into a big bag of flour, to increase its weight and thus the price. (Bell, 1985)
    6. East Rock, another intrusion when acquired by the city of New Haven has an interesting sideline. The owner of the rock ‘I had to be dispossessed against his will. He wasn’t too friendly to visitors and anticipatlng-a great-flood, had:built—a large open boat on top of the rock. (Longwell, Dana, 1932) East and West Rocks are intrusive ridges, created by molten rock, that like with Sleeping Giant, pushed up into underground cracks and hardened into traprock. Erosion of the softer sedimentary rock around the basalt, helped to expose them. (Wetherell, 1992
    7. Connecticut Valley.
    8. collision terranes because they formed due to the formation of Pangaea.. The fourth terrane called the Newark Terrane formed due to the splitting up of Pangaea.
    9. Iapetos Terrane is split into two due to the Newark terrane
    10. Proto
    11. “marble valley’of connecticut (an area in the north-western part
    12. “crunch” i

      the cause

    13. Prior to the formation of Pangaea, the Atlantic Ocean did not exist. Instead, another water body called the Iapetos Ocean existed between the land masses of Proto—North America and Avalonia. (DEP,1990)


    14. crunch and crack.” At one time, Connecticut was somewhere between 500 -3000 miles across, but today Connecticut is only about 100 miles across. This is due to the formation of the giant supercontinent called Pangaea. (Bell, 1985)

      our history

    1. coal deposits, however, were formed from freshwater swamps which had very little sulfur in them. These coal deposits, located largely in the western part of the United States, have much less sulfur in them.  

      less sulfer

    2. coal burns, the sulfur can become an air pollutant.


    3. same types of forces also created coal, but there are a few differences. Coal formed from the dead remains of trees, ferns and other plants that lived 300 to 400 million years ago. In some areas, such as portions of


    4. oil and natural gas were created from organisms that lived in the water and were buried under ocean or river sediments. Long after the great prehistoric seas and rivers vanished, heat, pressure and bacteria combined to compress and "cook" the organic material under layers of silt. In most areas, a thick liquid called oil formed first, but in deeper, hot regions underground, the cooking process continued until natural gas was formed. Over time, some of this oil and natural gas began working its way upward through the earth's crust until they ran into rock formations called "caprocks" that are dense enough to prevent them from seeping to the surface. It is from under these caprocks that most oil and natural gas is produced today.

      oil and gases

    5. Different types of fossil fuels were formed depending on what combination of animal and plant debris was present, how long the material was buried, and what conditions of temperature and pressure existed when they were decomposing.

      different kinds

    6. the dead plants and animals slowly decomposed into organic materials and formed fossil fuels


    7. When these ancient living things died, they decomposed and became buried under layers and layers of mud, rock, and sand. Eventually, hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet of earth covered them.

      how its made

    8. They were formed from prehistoric plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago

      formed from animals and plants

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    1. these minutes of Coz’s time: another, then another, then one more.

      She was stealing his time not with nothing in return.

    2. claiming the couch, her spot in this room,

      She will always be there because she can't stop

    3. “Please,” she told Coz. “Don’t ask me how I feel.”

      She can't face what shes done so she will never get better.

    4. I’ll put it back later;

      She took the most important thing in his wallet that could mean the world to him. No one cares about her like that so she beileves if she takes this slip of paper that someone wrote for Alex she will feel like someone cares about her.

    5. “i believe in you.” She froze, staring at the words.

      When she saw this did it strike her in that it was motivation to leave her wallet alone.

    6. Alex

      why did he want to take a bath?

    7. the pride she took in these objects, a tenderness that was only heightened by the shame of their acquisition.

      She can't put her emotions into words for anyone.

    8. miniaturist beaver: a heap of objects that was illegible yet clearly not random.

      comparing Sasha to a beaver, metaphor.

    9. Look, a scarf!

      Makes excuses for her actions so they become acceptable in her head.

    10. Sasha

      Sasha doesnt live in the real world she just lives from one high to another.

    11. The decision paralyzed her.

      Has she never returned something she stole or its just to big of a desicion for her.

    12. arrest, shame, poverty, death

      So she would feel like this only if she got caught, death is a little dramatic.

    13. This woman was the type who annoyed people without meaning to; apology shadowed her movements even now, as she followed Alex to the concierge’s desk. Sasha trailed behind.

      Sasha is very mean.

    14. Sasha’s father, who had disappeared when she was six.

      We learn a little something from the past.

    15. he’d hit the floor and crawled under her bathtub like an animal fumbling its way into a familiar hole.


    16. She and Coz were collaborators, writing a story whose end had already been determined: she would get well.

      Did she really take this serious?

    17. touching the fat green walle

      She gets a high from steaing from people, maybe its because it makes her feel young again.

    18. Her online profiles all listed her as twenty-eight

      Not a trustworthy person, she lies before she even meets you.

    19. Sasha, who was thirty-five

      We get her age

    20. Alex

      Her date that night.

    21. yet anothe

      The wallet stealing was the only excitment that day.

    22. “Do you ever sleep?” “No.”

      He may not need to make eye contact with his clients but no matter what he is listening.

    23. Coz, but he was old-school inscrutable, to the point where Sasha couldn’t tell if he was gay or straight, if he’d written famous books or if (as she sometimes suspected) he was one of those escaped cons who impersonate surgeons and wind up leaving their operating tools inside people’s skulls. Of course, these questions could have been resolved on Google in less than a minute, but they were useful questions (according to Coz), and, so far, Sasha had resisted.

      Characterzation of Coz through Sasha

    24. was a way for Sasha to assert her toughness, her individuality

      This shows alot about Sasha, she feels she has to prove to the world that she is better/ tough enough.

    25. Sasha

      She can't accept the facts there's something wrong with her or she doesn't want to.

    26. five sets of keys, fourteen pairs of sunglasses, a child’s striped scarf, binoculars, a cheese grater, a pocket knife, twenty-eight bars of soap, eighty-five pens, ranging from cheap ballpoints she’d used to sign debit-card slips to the aubergine Visconti that cost two hundred and sixty dollars online, which she’d lifted from her former boss’s lawyer during a contracts meeting.

      What is the signicants to stelaing these exact things?

    27. He

      She was relfecting on a difficult time in her life to a therapist.

    28. that fat, tender wallet, offering itself to her hand.

      This woman had money and Sasha doesn't like that this seems like this is that womans daily life to have this much money. Tender? because the women is still gentle and left her purse, hasnt been anywhere bad?

    29. It made her want to teach the woman a lesson.


    30. steal the hair off your head

      People will take anything glued down so she does not trust anyone but this lady is trusting her. She finds that very werid.

    31.  I

      1st person POV? Did it change?

    32. Sasha

      3rd person POV?

    33. blind trust had provoked her

      The woman was naive enough to leave her purse in a public bathroom and truted the other women in there. However Sasha seems to think she was provoked by this. Doe sshe have a past of stealing?

    34. looking back

      This is a Flashback

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    1. so pride went before the fall

      When the tower fell his pride fell with it?

    2. Six Days’ Work

      Does this symbolize something from the bible? Or it really just means six days of work?

    3. magnificoes

      All these words make me think of diction but I don't know how to put it into words.

    4. Plausibly entrenching himself behind the conceded mysteries of his art

      He hide behind his work but he thought his work was the best?

    5. entirely rigid

      Not as perfect as the tower was?

    6. critical eyes

      You can not see what he is doing until it is done.

    7. The unleashed metals bayed like hounds


    8. Invisible, too

      What is meant by this? That you could take shelter in it and become invisible or that the tower is tall amoung the trees so it is invisible.

    9. every day

      You could tell this man loved what he did, loved building this tower, and every stone meant something to him. No tmany people take this much effort to make somthing to beautiful. Confusing how it seems so graceful as they are building it but back in the beginning there seemed to be nothing nice about the tower. Possibly since the tower is still new it is like his baby as in innocent and pure only touched by the builders hands and nothing harmful yet.

    10. f renovated earth

      At the beginning of a new day? When the sun rose?

    11. ; shade

      The bell tower will always be this way, no change and will always be seen as a dark place.

    12. dank mold

      A very dark and mysterious way to begin a description.

  6. Mar 2017
    1. Anders is strangely roused, elated, by those final two words, their pure unexpectedness

      He is very interested in this when someone his age wouldtake it as makiing fun of the kid for talking like that. Anders is somewhat like a kid in a toy store when they see a new toy and wants to know more about it.

    2. The bullet is already in the brain

      This to me refrences the title and is a kind of wrap up for the story.

    3. Short’s the best position they is

      He says this with an accent and Anders takes notice and it highly interested in it.

    4. Coyle and a cousin of his from Mississippi

      He could have a accent.

    5. He did not remember

      The things he did not remember were things that are everyday or things everyone runs into in life. This is like a flashback of your life, and all he remember was something from his childhood but nothing great that happened during his life.

    6. Anders burst our laughing.

      He laughed because it was a word out of the ordinary for Anders since he is a book critic. Which is his downn fall in the end.

    7. You want to suck my dick

      The person who said this is uneducated because he is making assumption and an unnessary comment.

    8. Heaven will take note

      He is extremely sarcastic.You will not get into heaven because they took a break.

    9. little human touches

      I see this as implying humans purposely making each upset.

    10. He was never in the best of tempers anyway

      He is negative to begin with so anything from this point will contuine to have a negative outlook just because Anders was never happy.

  7. Feb 2017
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    1. They have eaten me alive.

      The children have eaten her alive and have taken her all from her. Along with the man who is no help.

    2. It’s so sweet to hear their chatter, watch them grow and thrive

      The speaker is speaking from an outsiders point of view instead of as a parents point of view from the beginnig of the poem when the children were whinning and bickering.

    3. date.

      Theres a rhyme scheme happening in this poem of ABBA in the different stanzas. However when you get down to the last stanza it changes to ABCABC.

    4. In the Park

      When thinking of the denotation and connotation of the word park it could have many meanings. The denotation of park is a place to go and sit on a bench, meet with friends, or play on the jungle gyms. the connotation of park is innocences, peaceful, people watching, and mothers with their children. I feel going into this poem already that theres going to be some aspects of what you see at a park/ what goes on there through the authors eyes.

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    1. brigades

      The rhyme scheme in this poem is: ABBA/ABBA/CDCDEE ABBA/ABBA/CDEECD I am unsure why the last stanza was set up like this.

    1. dear,

      This poem's rhyme scheme goes: ABAB/ABAB/ABAB/CC (I'm not sure if i'm using the correct letters but every other line rhymes until the last two lines)

    2. Ere I forget, or die, or move away,

      This is a very abrupt way to say this. Die catches my eye because you don't just say out of no where before i forget or i die. This just doesn't make sense.

    1. What lips my lips have kissed

      This sounds childish but when I first read this I thought of the Dr. Suess book oh the places you will go. It makes me think of "oh what lips my lips have kissed" or "Oh what places my lips have been". This sentence highlights the friends, family, and significant others this person has kissed.

    2. ghosts

      The past relationships and people that have unfinished business or an unfinished relationship with this person.

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    1. 2

      Tone change? She begins to talk about herself and women instead of men.

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    1. Day of the Dead

      A Mexican holiday to honor their deceased loved ones.

    2. coy

      Shy or modest.

    1. I kept waiting for the thud of your crash as I sprinted to catch up

      Trying to keep up with his daughter as she grew up and changed as she got older. He wanted her to need him and to be there for her if she fell. This is an extremely loving father not ready to let his daughter fully go.

    2. When I taught you at eight to ride a bicycle

      This could be the authors last memory of his "little girl" which is why he holds it so near and dear to his heart.

    3. goodbye.

      I believe the author did not use any punctation until the end of the poem for an important reason. It seemed as though he just continued to ramble on as though he couldn't catch his break fast enough. by the time he did his daughter was gone and grown up.

    4. eight

      I saw this poem to have divided sections even though only one period was used. I used the connotations of these words to look at the deeper meaning of this poem. I saw eight as elementary school, learning all these new things. I saw " smaller, more breakable" as middle school were the kids aren't as nice and your feelings come out. And finally I saw " pumping for your life, screaming with laughter" to be high school. "Hair flapping behind you" as though waving goodbye on their way to college. The father waving goodbye with his handkerchief.

  12. Jan 2017
    1. “The Necessity for Irony”

      I'm not sure why however I don't see how this title fits this poem. I don't believe I see the under lying meaning. Her daughter grows up and she doesn't see it happening. Is This the irony?

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    1. for if I stop trying, I will be deaf when my children need my help.

      To me this is a mother's instincts kicking in. She is only making herself better for her children with is extremely admirable. This says a lot about her character as a person where she is stuck between not being good enough at spanish but not being good enough at English.

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    1. “Lullaby”

      When first reading the title of the poem it gives you the warm feeling of being in your bed as a young child. However it later goes on to change the entire meaning of the word into some sort of terrifying noise. I found this to be extremely different from any poem I have read. Would this title be contradictory of itself or giving a new definition of lullaby?

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    1. I’m older now, and now, and now.

      I appreciated that the writer included this part because this man sees that after every second he is aging. When reading this part out loud it will really highlight how involved time is in our daily life, hearing every second that has passed by.

    2. He doesn’t know what time is, doesn’t know how in no time those numbers will fill his days the way water fills a bath into which an exhausted man lowers himself, not wanting to rise.

      This is an extremely quick transition between childhood and adulthood. This could possible relate to how quickly time goes by in life.

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    1. a crazy old man

      Using these words to describe this man can be very eye opening. They were chosen for a reason, maybe to show what other people think of him, or maybe this is how he thinks of himself when he looks in a mirror.