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  1. Dec 2022
    1. The notice required from you or from us to terminate your employment in the[Mutual Trial] Period is set out in your details of employment.

      We want to ensure any obligation on the employee is reciprocal and mutual on the employer, to remove power dynamics.

      The law entitles the employee to minimum notice periods.

    2. Getting Started

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    3. Getting StartedLivable Planet Ltd operates a system that we call role cards. At any time we expect that you willhold in your hand – like a pack of cards – a cluster of role cards, which each contains a set ofresponsibilities and accountabilities towards our shared mission. These role cards will outlinethe skills needed for the role, and what success might look like in it.You are joining Livable Planet Ltd with the following role cards:

      The reason why we use role cards is,...

    4. You confirm that you are entitled to work in the UK without any additional approvals and willnotify us immediately if this changes any time during your employment with us.

      UK immigration law requires us to do this. This is also the case when it comes to this clause