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  1. Apr 2019
    1. suicide,

      I know that this training is about HIB as well as suicide prevention. If we know that bullying has the potential to drive students to suicide then to work on stoping bullying is a step towards working to stop suicide related to bullying. If you combine this with the fact that on the playground only 4% of bullying sees adult intervention then it becomes clear that not enough is happening. Not only should we be educating educators and students on how not to bully but we need to be able to stop the bullying that is occuring.

    2. 4% of the time there is adult intervention

      In the video made by Brad Currie he mentions that one way to avoid bullying is to stay near adults as bullying tends to happen when there aren't adults around. This makes me wonder if this 4% is coming from bullying incidents which were seen and ignored by adults on the playground or does this include all incidents in which case I would want to know of all the times that adults see the bullying happening how many times do they intervene? (That being said even if this stat includes the incidents where adults were not around the question becomes where are the adults? How are the students able to hide all of these occurrences?)