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  1. Sep 2019
    1. I have learned about RTIs during my previous semester, but never knew that they could be implemented as well as the DCPS implements theirs. I attended a private high school, so I was never able to fully experience RTIs. During my sophomore year of college, I had to complete observation hours, and the classroom I was in did something similar to the RTI programs that DCPS uses. It really interested me, and it was exciting to see how the school was implementing their RTIs.

    2. I really liked this article and how it shows how DCPS utilizes the RTI models within their community. As an educator, it's important to know your students and their background. DCPS and its use of EBIs allow the students to receive the help that they need. Their use of EBIs not only helps students within the classroom, but also outside of the classroom as well.