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  1. Sep 2019
    1. The idea of race as an essential aspect of one’s personhood didn’t always dominate, even in the West.

      CAN SKIP--historical background

    2. One day, I sat down under an enormous tree on the University of Hawaii at Manoa

      personal experience

    3. Plenty of research

      background on diversity

    4. I’m interested in all of this

      Author's personal story--where his interest comes from

    5. She found

      Pauker's first study on race essentialism--essentialsim increases with age

    6. Pauker's personal story

  2. Oct 2018
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      If you look in the EEOC link, you'll see that this is pregnancy discrimination and is illegal. And yet it happens.



    1. For yet others, the whole idea of assimilation is wrongheaded, and integration — a dynamic process that retains the connotation of individuality — is seen as the better model. Think salad bowl, rather than melting pot: Each ingredient keeps its flavor, even as it mixes with others.

      3rd possibility

    2. For some, assimilation is based on pragmatic considerations, like achieving some fluency in the dominant language, some educational or economic success, some familiarity with the country’s history and culture

      1st possibility

    3. For others, it runs deeper and involves relinquishing all ties, even linguistic ones, to the old country.

      2nd possibility

    4. The word has its roots in the Latin ‘‘simulare,’’ meaning to make similar.

      a useful defintion to supplement Yoshino

  3. Aug 2018
    1. Thelongdevelopmentalprocessoflearningtoreaddeeplyandwellchangedtheverystructureofthatcircuit’sconnections,whichrewiredthebrain,whichtransformedthenatureofhumanthough