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  1. Apr 2019
  2. Mar 2019
    1. being specific helps non-Native people learn that we are far more diverse than what the terms “American Indian” or “Native American” evoke.

      Yes it does.

  3. Feb 2019
    1. 34Research in the Teaching of EnglishVolume 52August 201734Research in the Teaching of English Volume 52, Number 1, August 2017When School Is Not Enough: Understanding the Lives and Literacies of Black Youth

      Great article.

    2. Can we ever get rid of poverty and end racial disparities?

      This ends a series of great questions. Again (sorry, I'm a teacher, I can't help it), why couldn't this be a school project? Interdisciplinary, all sorts of skills involved. We need to conceive of school time differently, perhaps.

    3. English

      Why just English?

    4. When School Is Not Enough

      I know this is outside the scope of this article, but is there a way to make school enough? Or at least more than it currently is? Does anyone know schools where this is happening?

    5. a form of resistance

      which should NOT be confused with Duckworth's grit

    6. willingness to take risks, fall down,

      Schools talk about this, but then 'punish' students for taking risks in the form of bad grades.

    7. adolescents can develop literate identities if they have access to resources such as supportive writing communities.
    8. two dominant, competing models of literacy

      this distinction should be taught to pre-service teachers as well as current teachers

    9. their out-of-school time

      Can we find a place for this kind of work to happen inschool?**

    10. early

      great, often neglected point

    11. eclared racially segregated public schools unconstitutional,

      Kozol and others have argued that the schools have become resegregated.

      Kozol's book

    12. not with Dollars”

      Something our current Secretary of Education would do well to remember. I'm not optimistic, though.

  4. Dec 2018
    1. Marcelle Haddix

      2/3 references are to her own work?

    2. trauma,

      As all of us who encourage students to write about their lives know, sometimes we get pieces that alarm us. Sometimes, we have good support systems in place within the school if a student writes something distressing. But I've been at schools where I don't. Too often, teachers, especially young teachers, think they can play therapist here. That worries me.

    3. how can schools create and sustain teaching and learning opportunities that recognize youth as writers and leverage their writing competence?

      Absolutely the right question