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  1. Nov 2017
    1. To expound the principles & structure of government, the laws which regulate the intercourse of nations

      I chose to annotate this sentence because it goes hand in hand with my other comment from this section. I think this should continue to be one of the primary goals of higher education. Although it should probably be a goal of ALL education, that may not be realistic at this point in time. Just as political efficacy is often tied to voter turnout, and political efficacy is often tied to political understanding and knowledge, our institutions should have an influential hand in educating us as a citizen. The best way for us to impact, develop, change, inspire others is through politics (not meaning we have to run for office, but in participating in some way). I am glad that UVA had this as a core goal. Maybe it is time for our administration (if they aren't already) to look back on this founding document and set a vision/goals for the future that tie in to the positive aspects of this report.

    2. To instruct the mass of our citizens in these their rights, interests and duties, as men and citizens, being then the objects of education

      This explicitly says that the primary object of education was teaching men to become citizens. In my Engagement, "Knowledge You Can Trust" we read a piece by Hannah Arendt called "The Crisis in Education" and she differentiates between learning and education. We can learn material, things, subjects without actually engaging. I like how this report initially intended and understood education as a citizenship development section of life. I appreciate that the engagements curriculum is striving to do this--having us interact with people, different ideas, the idea of citizenship, and diverse subjects.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. visitors

      It is so intriguing how far back every ounce of UVA history goes. Our current board of "visitors" stems from this very document. As a student self-governing body who works alongside the Board of Visitors, UVA students have so much power and learn the art of citizenship. This document lays the foundation for that. Specifically today, with all of the BSA Demands, crucial Student Council Legislation, etc. our board of Visitors is at a bold and important place. It is important for us to acknowledge that their power has so much history.

    2. That these are not the vain dreams of sanguine hope, we have before our eyes real & living examples.

      Though all of this injustice of the Rockfish Gap Report occurred and has impacted our university, reading this report with a 21st century lense gives us the ability to view this statement as hope. "Real and living examples" is what we are called to be as UVA students. And although our predecessors failed us in a variety of areas--not letting African american students in, women, etc. We have the dreams of hope to push this university to achieve greater, and i believe as Engagement students reading this document now, we have the potential to make the change.