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  1. May 2020
    1. Einstein's Notes puts a copyright notice on the cheat sheets and prints its material with black ink on dark green paper in an attempt to thwart photocopying.

      This is really questionable practice, in my mind. They shouldn't be able to copyright something which they have questionably taken from somebody else. Printing materials in the way they are doing also goes against educational practices around accessibility

    2. Moulton has registered his copyrights, cleared them with the university and recorded his lectures

      This part surprises me (that the university has allowed an individual lecturer to register copyrights). Educational institutions would usually have a blanket statement in their employment contracts stating who 'owns' the materials created for the purposes of work...

    3. ethically murky businesses

      I think this is key. The case may be disputed, but everyone (probably?!) agrees that it is "ethically murky"

    1. can mean different things to different people

      Is there any movement towards agreeing on its use/meaning?

    2. TEDx Talk from Dr. David Wiley

      Wiley talks about our being on the precipice of a new reformation in education. It will be interesting to see whether educators' need to respond to the Covid-19 crisis is what takes us over that precipice...