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  1. Mar 2018
    1. “Yes, the Voyager record is a gift from humanity to the cosmos, but it’s also a gift to humanity,” he said. “It’s a manifestation of what we can accomplish through creativity, passion, and science. It instills a sense of hope and possibility in people.”

      A gift from humanity that displays several modes of communication perfectly.

    2. meanwhile, are hurtling away from Earth are more than 35,000 miles per hour, looking for an audience. They may go unheard forever. But that doesn’t really matter to Pescovitz.

      I just thought this statement was interesting, because I often think about whether or not there's other intelligent life out in the infinite void we call 'space'

    3. The gold-plated versions,

      The visual mode of communication being used on the vinyl.

    4. Tracking down the owners of some of the more obscure content, like melodies by indigenous groups, proved more difficult, Pescovitz said

      Although aural communication is the most abundant, it is very difficult to credit every single source of sound unfortunately, especially if they originate from the most obscure of regions.

    5. Getting the rights to songs from major record labels or images from national publications was easy, since such institutions usually have a process in place.

      Aural communication is arguably the most abundant form of communication and it is claimed here that it is easy to get the rights to the aural aspect of their compilation since there is so much aural information handy that can be used and credited to the proper origin.

    6. “It was absolutely sublime,” Pescovitz said. “The quality was like nothing we’d ever heard.” Sound engineers then transferred the audio on the tapes to digital files.Here’s an excerpt of the remastered audio:

      Listening to the audio sample that is on the golden record, I enjoyed the spatial format of the audio being used and appreciated the different aural and linguistic modes such as the change in language and genre of music.

    7. Using audio from the original tapes from the 1970s, a small team in California has put the Golden Record on vinyl for the first time. The set contains three LPs and a book of the photos that were encoded in the original record.

      There's use of aural and visual communication on the record.

    8. Forty years later, the Golden Record is now on vinyl, and can be ordered online for $98.

      Earlier in the passage, it is claimed that the vinyl was never intended for human consumption, so why are humans able to purchase the vinyl?

    9. The Voyager Golden Record was never really intended for human consumption. The target audience for the contents—popular songs, sounds from nature, photographs, spoken greetings in dozens of human languages and one whale language—was, and still is, an alien civilization capable of deciphering the instructions on the cover to learn about one small world in the universe.

      All modes of communication are being used in the golden record vinyl to convey a message to whomever comes across the vinyl.

    10. Forty Years Later, the Golden Record Goes Vinyl

      The title of the gives linguistic being the text describing the vinyl, visual by listing the colour of the vinyl, and aural which is the audio from the vinyl.

    1. The linguistic mode refers to the use of language, which usually ~ means written or spoken word~.

      The use of the English language which is commonly referred to as the lingua franca across the world

    2. Although most of us arc used to hearing sound all around us every day, we don't often pay attention to how il signals information, including feelings, responses, or needed actions.

      When choosing what sounds and music to be placed on the golden record there had to be a decision as to what sounds would trigger what feelings, responses, or needed actions.

    3. becau~e each mode has its own strengths and weaknesses in specific situa-tions

      It is important to always have this note in your mind when creating a mutimodal project, as did the people behind the creation of the golden record.

    4. Writing/Designing

      The process behind what to place on the vinyl was just as crucial as the execution, the scientists behind placing the sounds on vinyl thought critically as to what would sell that Earth is an appealing planet to another life being.

    5. Different media use different combinations of modes and arc good at doing different things.

      Just as with the vinyl using a combination of different modes to convey a message to anyone or anything that gets hold of vinyl.

    6. The aural mode focuses on sound.

      Most prominent mode of communication from the vinyl.

    7. ltngu1stte, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial

      The linguistic, aural, and visual appeals used in the vinyl convey a very welcoming tone and the use of gold in the vinyl gives off the message of using one of the earth's most "finest" material.

    8. Each of these modes plays a role in lhc advertiser's argument for why you should buy its product. The m~sic is selected to give the product a certain feel (young and hip, perhaps, or safe and reli-able). The gender of the announcer and Mullimodal lexls don'l have to be digital. The dissertation in Figure 1.2 was created on a computer but then was printed and bound into a book copy for the library. No matter whether a text is created on a computer, on paper, or in some other technology, writer/designers can still use the multiple combinations of words, photos, color, layout, and more to communicate their information. the tone, volume, and other qualities of his or her voice reflect whom the advertiser is trying to reach.

      The choice of music placed on the vinyl were music that human would interpret as calming and welcoming, and as well as the messages within the vinyl like saying "Hello from Earth" to have an inviting tone of voice. There were also samples of sounds of nature from Earth

    9. Writers choose modes of communication for every text they create.

      The samples of sounds, messages, and music put together on the vinyl that was sent into outer space and those were the chosen modes of communication for any other "intelligent" form of life out there

    10. multimodal.

      The supplemental text I am using is "40 Years Later, the Golden Record Goes Vinyl" as it incorporates different forms of communication such as the aural aspect being the music, the visual aspect being the gold material of the vinyl, and linguistic aspect being the language spoken through the music on the vinyl

    1. Thekeytogooddescriptionisarich,nuancedvocabulary

      Haltman is saying that to have a good description is to use descriptive words that would incite the reader to envision what is being described

    2. descriptiontellsushouranimagehasopeneditselfuptoaninterpretation.

      Haltman is asking for an in depth interpretation of an image than just what is visually seen

    3. Interpretiveanalysis

      One could say that John's article on the Machete is a interpretive analysis

    4. Specifically,whatinorabouttheobjectbringsthosefeelingsout?

      Any feeling that related to empowerment ties back to the Machete

    5. interrelation

      The way in which two or more things or people are connected and affect one another

    6. Materialculturebeginswithaworldofobjectsbuttakesplaceinaworldofwords

      The culture developed around the Machete may have been linked with words of power which made it an important symbol across many cultures.

    7. Thesepolarities,hesays,inturnfindmaterialexpressioninalanguageofformaloppositions,againincludingbutnotlimitedtothefollowing:smooth/roughshiny/dullhot/coldsoft/hardlight/darktransparent/opaqueup/downin/outstability/instabilityforward/backwardvertical/horizontalstraight/curvedorcrookedlight/heavythin/thickclean/dirty

      The details you could connect to the details of Machete

    8. evenmetaphysicalaspectsofthatculturethattheyquiteliterallyembody

      What were the metaphysical aspects of the cultures that viewed machetes as powerful?

    9. Whileonlysomeofculturetakesmaterialform,thepartthatdoesrecordstheshapeandimprintofotherwisemoreabstract,conceptual

      The cultural significance behind the machete

    10. Essays in Material Culture

      The supplemental text I chose to apply was "What is a machete anyways?" by John Cline which an article about the history of the machete across various cultures and time periods