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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Further, longevity, health, child outcomes, and life satisfaction are all associated with a higher education degree.

      Seeing all the benefits of getting a degree reminds me why i'm here to begin with. That was motivating to ready, and the statistics of college graduates earning $1,000,000 over a lifetime is encouraging. Something I find sad is that people are in debt for years after college.

    2. n 2009, only one in four students with scarce financial resources who entered a university graduated within 6 years. Again, 60% of high income students did.

      It is so sad and unfair that students with more income are more successful when it comes to graduating from college. I wish I could say this shocked me, but it's the way the world works. Something needs to be done about it.

    1. I believe cultural values differ from school to school. A private school values having uniforms while a public school allows their students to wear what they want; this can be seen as a sense of self expression. At whatever school you go to you're expected to act a certain way. I believe that some cultures get punished for things other cultures would get rewarded for, such as questioning authority.

    1. I think evolve is the most difficult one for myself. You have to self evaluate and notice what is helping you and what isn't. When you're always busy you might forget to do this. I need to schedule time to do this as well. The author should have expanded on this more because I also need a better understanding of it.

    1. An important part of SF State's history is being the first college to have an ethnic studies program. Another big part was the social justice strike in 1968 that lasted for 5 months. These are important because the students fought for change which made a lasted impact.

    1. It being my second year I have truly experienced how this school stimulates intellectual as well as personal development. Teachers are not only passionate about what they teach but care about their students as well.

    1. three principles in mind, learn it once, teach-to-know and memorization as a last resort

      I've often tried to memorize things and I agree how the writer says that should be the last resort. As soon as the class ended I wouldn't remember anything. Teach to know is also very effective and I agree that you have to understand something very well to teach it to others.

    1. I agree with these assumptions. My mom didn't know what to do as well as myself. Having my own counselor to help me through the process helped tremendously when things went wrong.

    2. Since his father, who passed away when he was a toddler, graduated from college he wasn't considered a first generation college student. I don't believe this is fair, because he is at a disadvantage as well as losing a parent. He should be an exception to the rule.

    1. And that, for me, is the quintessential quality of the first-generation college student’s experience. It’s not even knowing what you don’t know

      I can relate to not even knowing what I don't know since I am first generation college student as well. My mom didn't understand where I was coming from either. This makes going away to college so lonely, because only you can pick yourself up from these kinds of situations.

    2. I can relate to the author because I was a first generation college student as well. I had the opposite experience. My family was supposed to come to my orientation and I was one of the only few people who didn't have them there because I assumed they didn't need to be there. Colleges now do a better job at events that include family when freshman first come. I think it helps the family as well as new student feel better.

    1. It hurts to see students not attend colleges they've worked hard to get into because they have low income. This is what I mean by students not having the same opportunities as others due to their socio-economic status. Despite all this, they can still succeed. Not everyone can or wants to go to a university right out of high school. Community college is beneficial because you can save money and be more prepared for moving away.

    2. I strongly feel that "Improving higher education should be a national priority" as well. Education is essential and the basis for the foundation we build in our society. I believe this needs to start from elementary school and continue throughout all years of education. This isn't happening because all students aren't treated fairly. They do not have the same opportunities, resources, and support that other students have. I think the solution starts with improving this issue here.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. I agree with the statement that it is hard to change your study habits. Once you get into a routine that seems to work you forget changing things will actually help you more than staying the same. This year I need to incorporate more visual and kinesthetic styles in to my studying.

    2. It is very helpful that we know the different types of learning styles. You may learn better using one than with the others but personally in my experience, I need all four combined to really absorb information. My favorite way to learn is visually when learning science and history.