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  1. Oct 2015
    1. of

      should be 'or'

      This makes the fourth typo. Why should I continue?

    2. According to Russian formalists, the role of true art is to create estrangement from our thinking habits.

      So, the equivalent of Russian literary movements is computer art????

    3. Ludic dysfunctionality is only dysfunctional as far as it rejects the subordination of technology to material pursuits.

      this assumes I agree with your definitions

    4. hacktivism

      Noun or verb: this group seems to be trying to start a new term definition. Have they?

    5. The work mimicks the looks of a comic strip by displaying three frames separated by what is known as “gutters” in the jargon of the trade. Every few seconds - barely long enough to read the text - a new image-text combination appears in one of the frames.

      How does a slow reading speed affect the intended mimick?

    1. The terms "digital literature" and "digital art" are used frequently in our field, but rarely defined. When I use them, I mean something in particular by them. Let me begin by explaining how I use them

      Do these definitions work best with the english language because computer languages are mostly based on english?

    2. Is this way of defining "digital" literature only good when defining English?