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  1. Oct 2018
    1. The book creates an opportunity to consider the impact of classical rhetorical theory on any of these already existing arguments, but unfortunately it leaves that work to the reader

      Well, this is disappointing.

    1. some organizations and individuals have a disproportionate and unfair influence over what the government does

      I agree and believe there is a lot of evidence for this, but you could also say that it has been this way forever, so it hasn't been increasing

    2. But my argument has not been that there is nothing wrong this institution – only that it is not what conservatives say it is

      Author is showing his interests

    1. Does the United States have a strategy for North Korea, or are these twists and turns merely the whims of a temperamental president?”

      This questioning is a big US focus. Even though I think it is important to question these things and monitor coordination between the president and the administration, the view that the government is disorganized and failing is in turn leading to further distrust in our democratic process

    2. What makes it particularly dangerous is that it is an authoritarianism born within the framework of democracy itself.”

      I think this is a large part of our current crisis and what I want to focus on -- the backslide in our current democracy from lack of belief/maintenance. We are (arguably) not in a major war and have no global agenda to the scale of the Cold War or the WWs.Is not fighting things as a country preventing us from having pride/belief in our political system?

    3. As prosperity continues to increase and demands on the bureaucracy grow, the limits of this approach are beginning to loom large.” More on: U.S. Foreign Policy Health Biotechnology Democracy

      Supports theory from my class - as a country develops economically, it become more likely to become democratic to a point, after which is decreases again. Also connects to another theory, in which "soft-liners" in an authoritarian regime will try to give some dem freedoms to prevent a full transition.

    4. if rich countries address the growing inequality of recent decades and manage the transition to the automated economy.”
    5. declining corner of the world.

      After reading the (very short) article this was pulled from, I wonder where the proof is for this claim, because they don't really give any.