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  1. Feb 2018
    1. “Don’t do it. You’ll be fodder for the department, and no one will take you seriously.”

      if you have kids as a female doctor this is what others think of your priorities

    1. Pediatrics•    Male physicians: 23,256 (41.9 percent)•    Female physicians: 32,200 (58.1 percent)

      only field where women outweigh men. but this is also the field where you get paid about half the amount of any other specialty.

    1. Taxes discourage married women not only from working, but also from striving for promotions and from pursuing upwardly mobile careers.

      supposedly trumps lower tax plans will promote women to get jobs and promotions. They wont have to pay as much so they might want to work more if the issue is that women are choosing not to work.

    1. In fact, many female patients request women practitioners, particularly with breast imaging.

      lucrative for women since a lot of radiologists study breast cancer and many female patients want female doctors

    2. t’s also imperative to introduce students to radiology much earlier during their medical school career. A growing number of medical schools are now incorporating radiology into the basic science curriculum of the first two years of training rather than introducing it only as an elective during the fourth year, Oates said.

      introducing them to the subject earlier so they have more time to look into the specific specialty

    1. Such a community would be devoted to providing every form of therapy its residents needed (substance abuse treatment, psychotherapy, medical and dental care) and every form of education for which the residents were motivated and capable (from elementary school to college and graduate school).

      I think this is an interesting idea that we need to help people in prisons who have struggled with drug abuse, mental and physical issues. But I am not sure if this would really prevent them from committing another crime if the statement earlier in the article about people being influenced from when they were young to be criminals.

    1. Women

      In every field, except for radiology, women get paid less than men. This counters the theory that women in pediatrics and OBGYN get paid more than men. Curious as to why women get paid more in radiology.

    2. 10 percent difference in what men and women take home

      across the board in all specialities, women are making at least 10 percent less than men

    1. Try to make yourself invaluable before you have children.

      this is really frustrating because an employee shouldnt have to prove their worth before they have children so that when they do have children they have to be kept on board. An employee should be paid and judged solely on their work and work ethic regardless of children or not.

    2. Is that a male-female piece or is it a caregiver piece - that caregivers are penalized in the workplace?

      meaning does it really matter if it is a man or woman who is making less because they have kids? there is no evidence that fathers make less than non fathers currently.

    3. I might take a less demanding job if it gives me more time with my children in exchange for a lower wage. Or, in anticipation of having children, I might get less college education because why get it if I'm going to stay home with the kids?

      while this is true it doesnt explain the pay gap between their male counterparts. They are justifying why women take lower paying jobs but not explaining why women get paid less than men who work the same jobs

    4. s this a result of discrimination, that women with children are sort of viewed in a different light, given less favorable assignments, just for whatever reason that employers say, well, you're just not getting that check. Or is it a self-selection process that, once women have children or women who want to have children self-select and put themselves into less remunerative jobs?

      Questioning if it is subconscious if women put themselves in the position to make less money than their male counterparts or if it really is discrimination, conscious or subconscious.

    5. Women who have children now earn 7 to 14 percent less than women who do not have children.

      seems ironic that women with children make less since they are probably the ones that need more. Likely due to time off, maternity leave, and fear they will leave their job, so companies don't want to invest so much in women with children.

    1. Forms and types of sex or gender discrimination

      good resource for coming up with ideas on how women are discriminated against in the workplace.

    2. female” tasks and skills are devaluated in the labour market

      stereotyping tasks and jobs is an issue today, people associate everything with a gender. However, the things people consider womens tasks are not seen as valuable to our society today.

    3. An increase in the percentage of women in an occupation has a large downward effect on its wage rank

      more women in a field makes the salary of that job lower generally. Depending upon the average gender of the field, the wages are decided.

    1. society often forces women to think more about family and children than men

      a lot of pressure is put on women to start a family and stay home rather than work or go to school.

    2. Many still believe the idea that only women should handle children and obstetrics.

      brings up stereotypes women face in the workplace. Many women are encouraged to enter these fields since they are mothers and women and would fit better into these fields.

    3. success of their careers and level of leadership roles they play in clinical settings.

      It may not just be the fact that it is difficult to get it, but the fact that it is difficult to move up. It is discouraging to begin a job knowing you wont move up into a higher position.

    4. trouble even entering the field

      Referring to the trouble women face getting into medical school as well as the trouble women face trying to get a job once they have worked for their degree.