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    1. between variables in order to make an informed decision.     Spreadsheets and statistical calculators are very efficient at computing the best fit lines for scatter plots. This is done by applying a least-squares regression line to obtain the best fit line.  This approach attempts to limit the error (or residual) difference between points in the scatter plot and points on the best-fit line.   The correlation coefficient r (also known as Pearson’s r) tells us the strength of the relationship between the independent variable x and dependent

      Extra spaces in the overview.

    2. ct the analysis: linear regression Download linear regression This video provides a demonstration of the linear regression Excel sheet Download linear regression Excel sheet:

      Duplicate links again.

    1. The Central Limit Theorem is the cornerstone of inferential statistics.  In general, this theorem states that, if we draw many same size samples from a population, and plot the values of the means of those samples, the mean of this distribution will approximate the value of the population mean.  It is this powerful theorem that makes it possible to draw inferences about population parameters when we don’t know the nature of the population distribution.

      This is the first one where it occurs to me, but it might be good to link to or describe an example of this being applied in the real world. A simple one, though. Super duper simple.

    1. Easy Histogram Maker. Links to an external site.

      One link is fine. Two links to the same site, on the same page, unless there's a specific reason to do so, is generally a bad idea: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/duplicate-links/

    1. Desmos Scientific Calculator Desmos Graphing Calculator GeoGebra Scientific Calculator Calculator.net iPhone Scientific Calculator RealCalc (Android Phones)

      I love that these link to tutorials of Bruce going over their use. That's excellent attention to detail.

    1. College Algebra for Environmental Professionals (MATH 101)

      It will be interesting to build on the hyperlinked, interconnectedness of the Hub; if these could link to pages where the resources for each course are curated for instance, that's interesting.

    1. Welcome Message

      This page, and most of the others I've seen, needs a max-width HTML setting for the boxes containing the content. It gets a little too wide, otherwise, and can be hard to read on large screens.

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