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  1. Nov 2017
    1. We are further of opinion that, after declaring by law that certain sciences shall be taught in the university, fixing the number of professors they require, which we think should at present, be ten

      This is interesting to note. At the conception of the University, there were to only be ten professors for each of the sciences. It was likely that they did not anticipate the university growing as much as it did. The size now is enormous in comparison to when it first opened 200 years ago. We certainly have more than ten professors for each of the sciences now to match the number of students attending the university. Here is the UVA website about the number of employees now: http://www.virginia.edu/facts

    2. That they should have two stated meetings in the year, and occasional meetings at such times as they should appoint, or on a special call with such notice as themselves shall prescribe by a general rule

      This plan would have been useful when the University was just beginning. It would ensure that the people who put the plan for the University would definitely meet and discuss what they wanted about the University. The meetings would have helped promote growth at the University's start.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. the deed referred to is insufficient to pass the estate in the lands intended to be conveyed, & may be otherwise defective; but if necessary this defect may be remedied

      The Commissioners of this report seemed to have a lot of faith in the idea that they could "remedy" the deed after its author had passed away. If the University has actually been placed in Lexington, I wonder if the deed would have held up and if they would have gotten what they thought they were going to.

  3. Sep 2017
    1. having met, as by law required at the tavern in Rockfish gap on the blue ridge

      This is quite interesting. Whey did they have to meet, by law, in a tavern in the Rockfish gap on the Blue Ridge Mountains? Speculating, this could have been to ensure that there were no discussions in a government setting of making a public university. It must have been interesting to have written the draft for the creation of the university in such a place. The impact that the location had on the writers' ideas may have been minuscule, but it would still be interesting to know what impact it did have.