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  1. Jul 2017
    1. The sites’ funders are motivated by arguablysuspect goals, but the published results—often at some editorial remove—are free andaccessible. Indeed, The Conversation‘s university, government, and foundation subsidy foropen-access is an implicit model for breaking the lockdown of Elsevier, SAGE, and the otheracademic-publisher oligopolists.

      Anything that helps to break the lockdown of Elsevier et al. is worth watching.

    1. this condition was almost as bad as shredding. What does it mean? It means that if you really want to demotivate your employees, shredding is the right way to go. That’s the best way to demotivate people. Not acknowledging their effort is almost as bad. Almost as good, if you want to demotivate. If you think about this, how often do we acknowledge people? How often do we give compliments to people? How often do we even say thank you?

      Simple but powerful. Acknowledge, compliment, thank.