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  1. Jan 2018
    1. ll three scenarios exhibit the same sharp rate of growth until 2043, the year when CubeSats launched in 2016 begin to be removed from the environment after their 25-year PMD decay orbit expires. After this point, the rate of object growth slows for scenarios J1 and J3 (thin blue line) to approximately match that of the baseline population.

      This is saying that launching thousands of CubeSats up, which are not collecting debris, would have the same debris growth as without them in about 30 years. This is assuming whatever percent of PMD

    1. Figure 1a motivates our study—asshown in this image, a 35-mm thick polyurethane disc is able toarrest bullets travelling atB350 m s1.

      This is the dimensions of the picture

    2. which are fired to the sample by an energetic laser pulseand result in a deformation volume on the order of 1,000mm

      What does this mean

    3. micrometeorites for satellites

      It literally says this is good for satelliltes