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  1. May 2017
    1. . Allow students to move freely throughout the classroom space

      I think this skill should be taught at a very young age for it to work. This is because if it is taught at an age where they are learning social normals and general expectations, then they will comply. A lot of these things should start at an early age. Many people think that it should start at just highschool or middle school, but if the kids were taught these creative social expectations, then they will wokr very naturally with it no problem. I think this is a great thing to take away from this article.

    2. , while mind mapping can optimize both the creative process and the learning process.

      I think this relates to putting arts into a classroom. This way of linking things together will no doubt be an actual skill kids can carry on for their entire lives. Although more importantly, the kids should be creating these themselves, not just watching one that has already been made.

    3. arts into the classroom can breathe new life into banal subjects.

      Great for really linking things together, which is an extremely useful skill.

    4. ents to work on projects unrelated to the curriculum is important.

      What class would this be in then? Because it shouldn't take away from their curriculum

    5. especially since funding for the arts and after school programs has been in decline for decades.

      This surprised me because I at least thought that schools would try to keep these funds going because it teachers culture. Maybe I have thought this way because my school personally puts a lot of importance on funding for arts.

    6. Creativity and Intelligence. We treat them as separate cognitive processes, and although a correlation between the two has yet to be proven,

      This is interesting because it points out that not only the exceptionally smart kids need to express creatvivty. It shows that the entirety of the general population would benifit everyone.