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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Where do you get your inspiration? What sorts of things do you fill your head with? What do you read? Do you subscribe to anything? What sites do you visit on the Internet? What music do you listen to? What movies do you see? Do you look at art? What do you collect? What’s inside your scrapbook? What do you pin to the corkboard above your desk? What do you stick on your refrigerator? Who’s done work that you admire? Who do you steal ideas from? Do you have any heroes? Who do you follow online? Who are the practitioners you look up to in your field?

      A good set of questions to begin to find voice, and to pique latent aspects of identity that often go unsung.

    2. Talk about the things you love. Your voice will follow.

      Capturing this feeling is a challenge, yet I think this leads into it well. I love nothing more than hearing someone talk about their passion. Thinking about it now, maybe this is the time our voices are the most clear and unfiltered.

    3. I used to worry a lot about voice, wondering if I had my own.

      This is still something I have a hard time with and am working on.