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  1. Nov 2017
    1. each of which are within the powers of a single professor.

      This is a very large breadth of topics and education for just one professor to teach. It makes me wonder how in depth they really went into each subject, and how holistically successful the education people got here was. I feel like either professors were absolute geniuses who had a vast knowledge of multiple subjects, or they didn't do too much in each discipline.

    2. This doctrine is the genuine fruit of the alliance between church and State

      This is an incredibly interesting sentence because of the complete difference between the idea they had then and the ideas we hold now. Something that has been so prevalent, especially recently with our President, is the argument that there should be a distinct separation between Church and State. However, here we see that it used to be not just overlapping, but a genuine alliance between the Church and State. Especially since UVA was built particularly as a university that is not a Catholic or specifically religious school.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. 2. the dieting of the students should be left to private boarding houses, of their own choice, and at their own expense

      It says that dieting is to be paid for at their own expense, which is strange because it comes directly after saying that provisions for diet were to be made. I'm guessing that the food "paid for at their own expense" is not a part of the $3,500 for tuition, so Im guessing it's similar to the way paying for UVA nowadays is handled. Attending UVA after its founding was no cheaper than attending it today!

  3. Sep 2017
    1. That these are not the vain dreams of sanguine hope, we have before our eyes real & living examples

      The writers are making a point that the incredible advances in science and technology that have been witnessed over the last half century are not an endpoint, but the beginning to a new age of knowledge. They are saying that the cause of the University is not a "vain dream" but something that can truly make a difference in a world that is already changing for the better. They can see, right before them, people and opportunities that will advance the state, the nation, and the world, and the University can be at the center of it all.